Kino Bize

KINO BIZE ir neliels, mājīgs kinoteātris Rīgas centrā. Mūsu programmu veido jaunas, neatkarīgi producētas filmas un video no visas pasaules, kā arī tematiski veidotas retrospekcijas, lekcijas un īpašie notikumi.

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standard Eur 5.00
students, seniors Eur 3.50

Dear English speakers, you are always more than welcome to the art-house cinema KINO BIZE, located in Riga city centre, Elizabetes str. 37 (entrance from the yard). We will list here the films of the regular repertoire or special events screened in English or with English subtitles.

The cinema is also available for private screenings and we offer membership and gift cards.

"JELGAVA'94" is a film, which with equal parts of coming of age film and a portrait of the cultural chaos that reigned in former communist states during the 1990s, serves as a stark reminder of what has... More

Louise and Kaspars meet on a trip to celebrate Midsummer's Eve. They're both running away from their lives; the trip turns into a shared journey through a relationship over the course of 3 years... More

With a mop of golden curls and pouty lips, Carlos looks more like a teenage heartthrob than the cold-blooded serial killer. In 1970s Argentina, the young criminal caught the attention of an adoring public that was fascinated, repulsed or possibly titillated by the idea of a hot young man capable of such heinous crimes... More

The summer film centers around a vacationing couple in a small Swedishvillage. The trip starts out slightly idyllic as main character Dani, played by Florence Pugh, becomes acquainted with the town. But as her time lingers she becomes increasingly more suspicious of their neighbors as its cult-like tendencies become apparent… More

We ask all spectators to act with due care while on the cinema premises. It is forbidden to film or photograph during the screening, to disturb other customers and to use mobile phones. Please kindly turn to the personnel of the cinema and inform about persons violating the regulations. 

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