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KINO BIZE ir neliels, mājīgs kinoteātris Rīgas centrā. Mūsu programmu veido jaunas, neatkarīgi producētas filmas un video no visas pasaules, kā arī tematiski veidotas retrospekcijas, lekcijas un īpašie notikumi.

Call for films: Riga Pasaules Film Festival

Riga Pasaules Film Festival team is happy to announce the opening of submissions for the next edition of the festival. The festival will be held in Riga's cinema "Kino Bize" from 27-30th April 2017.

Just like in previous editions, this year's festival will offer special events like workshops and lectures as well as a thematic film programme. This year's theme is "Revealing the Unexpected: What do filmmakers do for the unexpected to occur?".

We are interested in featuring non-fiction films, of a broad ethnographic persuasion, that contain within their narrative or form, the unforeseen dynamics at play in documentary production. This year's programme intends to contribute to a cinematic discourse and practise that values the creative potential of happenstance, discovery, and surprise as central aspects of cinematic forms. The festival screenings, special events, and Q&As will pay attention to the different directing and narrative strategies that filmmakers rely on to share with the audience the improvised, serendipitous, and surprising discoveries that are made possible through the filmmaking process. 

In order to submit your entry, please consider the following:

1. Deadline for film submissions is 15th February 2017
2. Submissions must be sent to
3. Please include:
     - A link to the completed film and password. Submissions that are not in English must be subtitled in English.
     - Completed ENTRY FORM (click for pdf)
4. We will only consider submissions completed after January 2014.
5. No fee required

We will announce our full programme, including this edition's special events by the 25th March 2017.

Further inquiries can be forwarded to or

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