Kino Bize

KINO BIZE ir neliels, mājīgs kinoteātris Rīgas centrā. Mūsu programmu veido jaunas, neatkarīgi producētas filmas un video no visas pasaules, kā arī tematiski veidotas retrospekcijas, lekcijas un īpašie notikumi.


The fifth edition of RPFF will take place in April 25-29 at the cinema Kino Bize (Str. Elizabetes 37) and K.Suns (Str. Elizabetes 83/85) in Riga, Latvia.

The RPFF 2018 programme will explore the role of comedy and humour in documentary storytelling and films subjects that are humorous, witty, and life affirming and are, subsequently, empowered by comedic strategies. The title of the festival this year is "Comic Intent or How I Stopped Being Depressed by Documentaries and Learned to Laugh at Life."


Wednesday, April 25
Kino Bize

17:00 - "Exploring the Uncanny" experimental video technique workshop screening
19:00 - Discussion "What is the Space for Humour in Documentary?" 

Thursday, April 26
Kino Bize
15:00 - Short Film Programme or You can’t loose because they are short: Part I
La Promesa (2017)
Who Cares About Caring? (2017)
Toilet Adventures (2015)

17:25 - Short Film Programme or You can’t loose because they are short: Part II
Beautiful, Strange and New (2015)
Unity: Dress-scapes of Accra (2016)
They Just Come and Go (2017)

20:00 - Festival opening. Dragan Wende - West-Berlin (2014) 

Friday, April 27
Kino Bize

17.:00 - Laughing reality away: A possibly funny survey of possible uses of humour in the production and consumption of documentary films. A lecture by Boris Mitić
19:00 - In Praise of Nothing (2017)
21:00 - Dragan Wende - West Berlin (2014)

A Romanian Evening
16:00 - PhoeniXXX (2017)
17:30 - Astra Film 20 years - short film and a conversation with the special guests Dumitru Budrala and Csilla Kato
18:40 - The Curse of the Hedgehog (2004)
20:45 - Planet Petrila (2016)

Festival after-party at Aleponija bar, Str. E. Birznieka-Upīša 22

Saturday, April 28
Kino Bize

Aivara Freimanis' film programme
13:00 - Dzintara latvietis 87 (1987)
            Hepenings ar M.Z. (1987)
14:30 - Kuldīgas freskas (1966)

Cinematic Reflexivities or I am not sure if I know what I am doing
16:00 - The Funeral Season (2011)
18:00 - The Applauseman (2015)
             Inside the Applauseman: How a Crazy Story Came to the Screen, a lecture by  Ruben Vermeersch

20:30 - Happily Ever After (2014)

Festival after-party at Beerfox bar, Str. Stabu 61

Sunday, April 29
Kino Bize

Comedic Subversions or Is there anybody in charge?
14:00 - The Lions (2017)
16:30 - Convictions (2016)
18:15 - Songs for Kit (2017)

The Riga Pasaules Film festival is an annual film festival that is oriented towards exploring the intersections between cinema and ethnography. It is a space where practitioners and the general public can explore various aspects of the process of making films, visualising anthropology, and capabilities of cinema to convey an experience on its own terms. The festival is held at the art-house cinema “Kino Bize” in Riga, Latvia, and its fifth edition will take place in April 25-29.

Carlo Cubero - film programme curator
Madara Bunkše - film programme team
Ieva Lange - festival management

Kino Bize: Paula Bērziņa, Patrīcija Kolāte, Māris Prombergs







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