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KINO BIZE ir neliels, mājīgs kinoteātris Rīgas centrā. Mūsu programmu veido jaunas, neatkarīgi producētas filmas un video no visas pasaules, kā arī tematiski veidotas retrospekcijas, lekcijas un īpašie notikumi.


RIGA PASAULES FILM FESTIVAL (RPFF) is an annual documentary film festival that explores the intersections between cinema and ethnography. Held at the art-house cinema “Kino Bize” in the heart of Riga’s Art Nouveau district, the festival is intended as a space where practitioners and the general public can explore various aspects of the film-making process, visualising anthropology, and capabilities of cinema to convey an experience on its own terms.

RPFF 2019: ME
RPFF will celebrate its 6th edition with a new cycle of film screenings, stimulating discussions, lectures and workshops. The sixth edition of RPFF will take place from the 25th - 28th April.

The 2019 edition is focused on narratives that attempt to understand the filmmaker as a fully realised character within the film.

The curating team for the coming edition of RPFF has put together a programme of films of a broad anthropological persuasion that depict the filmmaker as a constitutive component of the film. The 2019 RPFF programme will profile films that acknowledge, develop, and engage with the role of the filmmaker in the content and form of the film. It will highlight films that suggest that the description of a phenomenon becomes more convincing when the filmmaker elaborates on their presence and role in the filmmaking process.

Some themes that we are after:

  • Different ways in which reflexive subjectivity is achieved in documentary cinema.

  • What is the value and what are the limits of introspection?

  • What are the narrative, ethical, and cinematic considerations at stake when the filmmaker develops his/her presence?



Festival committee: Carlo A. Cubero, Ieva Lange, Daniel Allen, Madara Bunkše, Māris Prombergs
Management team: Ieva Lange, Madara Kļavinska, Helena Vodopija
Pre-selection team: Dita Ābola, Ruta Beināre, Anete Bertholde, Marcela Echeverri, Made Kalniete, Maija Krastiņa, Ina Lenca, Epp Linke, Julian Linke, Sandijs Mešķis, Kevin Molloy, Līna Orste, Diāna Popova, Marta Sildvee
Kino Bize: Paula Bērziņa, Madara Kļavinska, Patrīcija Kolāte, Ieva Lange, Māris Prombergs
Visual identity: Edvards Percevs



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