RPFF announces Call for Films for the 10th edition


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Submit your film about Love for the 10th anniversary of Riga Pasaules Film Festival till December 16.

The 10th anniversary of Riga Pasaules Film Festival is a special opportunity to bring forward films that celebrate cinema: films that savour the medium’s mechanics and that playfully remind us of what Jonas Mekas wrote of cinema’s history, that it is the history of friends getting together, doing the thing they love.

The festival team is looking for submissions that articulate the experience of love by asking what it means to understand through love. We are interested in films that consider the significance of filmmaking from a position of love – what is implied in this position, what are its aesthetic considerations and what is the viewer’s role? We are looking for films that examine the ways in which love is experienced outside of the confines mediated by social norms. We are also interested in films that show the experience of love as an urge to create something with another and consider the filmmaking process as the development of a new awareness and a new realisation of the world, as if seeing it for the first time.

Our approach is informed by the view that sees love as an existential position that recognises creative agency in every individual. In this position, “to love” describes the urge to create something beautiful with the Other.

To love is to have an incomplete understanding of the Other. The Other must remain inexplicable and opaque, because the goal is not to know the Other, but to bring attention to its beauty. In the context of this programme, love is the energy that constitutes a relationship and the alternative to culture and society.

RPFF 2023 will be the festival’s 10th edition and is scheduled from the 27th to 30th April 2023 at Kino Bize in Riga. The Call for Films will be open from the 14th September until the 16th December 2023 and the programme will be announced in March 2023. 

The particulars on the submission process will be on our FilmFreeway page.

Published: 11.09.2022.

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