Mulholland Drive

Malholanda ceļš


Drama, mystery, thriller

147 min

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One night on the winding route of Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles an accident occurs. The young woman who's involved in the accident, once woken up, can't remember anything, not even who she is. Everything to her seems as confusing as being in a surreal dream. Betty, on the other hand, has just arrived in Hollywood and feels completely opposite. For the hopeful young actress, everything here seems wonderful, a real dream come true. Together, the two of them will try to find out what really happened. 

“Mulholland Drive” most clearly expresses the surrealistic elements that dominate David Lynch's work. The director's seductive and frightening vision of Los Angeles, city of dreams. It is psychotically lucid, oppressively strange, but with a powerfully erotic and humanly intimate dimension that we don't sense as much in other films by Lynch.

On Thursday, December 14 at 19:00 Ieva Augstkalna and the podcast “Mans draugs – kino cilvēks” invites all attendees to join a film quiz devoted to David Lynch, followed by the screening.

Explore four cinematic works of David Lynch to record the 11th anniversary of Kino Bize! The retrospective brings together the American cult director's most memorable films – the provocative “Eraserhead”, the 90s classic “Lost Highway”, beloved Twin Peaks, and surreal “Mulholland Drive”. Each film will be screened in two screenings in English with Latvian subtitles. Some of the screenings will be accompanied by introductions, quizzes and brief lectures.


David Lynch


Naomi Watts, Jeanne Bates, Dan Birnbaum, Laura Harring









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